Our Services

Electrical Renovations
& Alterations

As buildings age, their electrical systems age with them. Renovating those older systems adds flexibility through modern wiring practice and increases safety. These are typically fast-track projects that require much experience and coordination
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Main Power Distribution
& Risers

NY Electric has been installing and rewiring main power distribution equipment and main risers for years. We own and operate equipment necessary to bend and thread large conduit, drill through steel and concrete slabs, custom-make conduit racks and more
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Architectural Lighting Design
& Maintenance

We offer custom-tailored lighting maintenance programs for its customers. These programs include periodic inspections, ballast replacements, re-lamping, miscellaneous troubleshooting, and reporting
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Power Generator

NY Electric specializes in installing and/or upgrading large-capacity power distribution systems in commercial buildings. These are usually very complex projects, especially for buildings that need to continue operating normally during the course of the projects
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Mechanical Equipment
& Control Wiring

NY Electric has worked closely with building owners, managers, mechanical engineers and contractors, to install and wire very large building chillers and heating units as well as a variety of medium to small air conditioners, boilers and furnaces, heat exchangers, air ventilation units, pumps, motors, etc
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Fire Alarm, Security
& Access Control Systems

NY Electric Has over 20 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining alarm systems including video surveillance, access control systems, turnstiles, parking barrier gates and equipment, and telephone entry and intercom systems
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Telecom/Data Wiring
& Equipment Programming

NY Electric installers are trained and certified to work with a variety of cabling, fiber, and equipment produced by all the leading manufacturers. One of NY Electric’s premier services involves the installation and wiring of entire telecommunication infrastructures within commercial buildings
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Electrical Maintenance,
Metering & Testing

NY Electric offers a wide range of services to help its customers maintain and/or increase the efficiency and reliability of their electrical distribution equipment and wiring, lighting, power and security devices and systems, electromechanical components, and Tele/data wiring and connections
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& Engineering services

NY Electric offers a wide variety of technical and engineering services, including power quality analysis, metering, sub-metering, public lighting and power surveys,rent inclusion surveys, load profiling, circuit tracing, power grid identifications, electrical, mechanical design, Internet services, etc
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